Sunday, June 10, 2012

Random Thoughts

Amanda and I moved to Kuwait last September (the 11th, actually).  Before we left, I had many conversations with people about why we were moving and what it was like living in Kuwait.  

Amanda and I had a variety of reasons for moving to Kuwait, but they mostly revolved around the lack of jobs in Ontario. Teaching is an overpopulated industry in southern Ontario, because it is a very attractive career choice.  It is a relatively lucrative career, at least in Ontario, because teachers have a strong union that makes sure they are paid for the good that they do.  I am excited to eventually get myself entrenched there, so that we can start paying into the wonderful pension.

However, for the time being, we are expatriates working overseas to get experience and pay down our lofty debts.  We live and work in Kuwait at a school teaching our province's curriculum.  It is great to be able to teach the curriculum we love.  It really is the best choice we could have made.  I've already paid down a creeping credit card and my line of credit.  All that I have left is my beluga-sized student loan, and Amanda's equally hefty one.  A tall order, but living overseas will help us pay it back quicker (no car, rent, etc.).

Kuwait, as a place to live, is a bit boring.  There isn't a lot to do here.  That's a blanket statement, but Amanda and I are often talking about the lack of interesting things to do.  We are probably part to blame, but there just isn't  lot happening at any given time.  Toronto and Korea, both places we know a chunk about, all have a lot more going for them.  Kuwait has a lot of shopping, but that's not really my thing.  Not at all, actually.  I own a sparse wardrobe.

Driving is insane here, and we seem to witness or nearly witness an accident every day on the way to school.  They don't seem to see life as precious here.  It isn't uncommon to see a kid jumping around un-tethered by a seat belt, while a mother or father chats on the phone, drinks a coffee, and hopes their knees can hang on to the steering wheel.  This isn't hyperbole.

The maximum temperature for today is 45 degrees.  IT goes down to about 35 (maybe) at night.  Kuwait is hot.  It is a dry oppressive heat.  When I walk outside, it feels similar to opening the door to a pre-heated oven.   Oddly, though, it gets quite chilly in the winter.  I didn't expect that.  Not Canada chilly, but still jacket weather.  

We fly home for the summer this Thursday night (Friday morning, actually).  It looks to be around 25-30 degrees in Barrie (where we are from), so not exactly the kind of heat we are used to. It will do, though.

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