Wednesday, June 13, 2012

School's Out, Now The Work(?) Begins

Yes he does.
Amanda and I are a day and a half from boarding a plane to fly back to Canada for the summer.  We are both very excited to see our friends and family who we haven't seen since we came to Kuwait last September (with the exception of my awesome sister who met us in Portugal for a spring getaway).  It looks like we will be back in Kuwait around August 22, which only gives us around 2 months at home. I know that the non-teachers out there are up in arms about the fact that we get summers 'off,' but trust me I have plenty on my plate.

I will be doing a lot of education planning this summer, as most teachers will be.  I have all sorts of ideas I need to perfect in order to start them in the fall.  I've set myself up for a lot of work, which wouldn't be so difficult to complete if I wasn't also getting married in a little over a month.  Amanda and I still have a fair bit of work to do on that front, and then we pack up and head to Peru for 2.5 weeks of honeymoon joy.  Wait...why was I complaining again?  I can't remember.  The summer is almost here! 

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