Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Class awards

I've decided to start the second semester with a change-up in class rewards. I decided to create two separate awards for my 3 English classes (8, 9, and 10). I have incorporated Class Dojo into a few of my classroom items (mainly washroom passes), so I decided to use the funny little Class Dojo characters for my awards too. I made an academic award (Task Master) and a good behaviour award (Dojo Champ).

I like the idea of having two separate awards, because I have some students that are great students but they struggle to always achieve success. The Dojo Champ award gives them another opportunity to get recognition. The Task Master award isn't necessarily for the highest mark, though. I want to award it to students that can demonstrate their understanding of a particular activity/task/topic. For instance, for the first Task Master award in Grade 10, I gave it to a student who has consistently demonstrated his understanding of critical media literacy this past week. He demonstrated his understanding through the activities we did in class and not through a summative assessment. Having said that, I am confident he would do well there too.

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