Saturday, February 23, 2013

Making the World More Awesome

This last week was our school's International Week (with a bit of Kuwait National and Liberation Day celebrations).  For the secondary group, our students spent one day presenting information about countries they had studied and the next few days rotating classrooms.  Each teacher was asked to prepare a lesson that tied to International Week, and that would be suitable for students from 7-10.  Instead of focusing on a specific country I decided to do a lesson that promoted the idea of a global community, and our students' roles in said community.

I began the lesson with some trivia, to get the students thinking globally.  After that, we moved onto a reading and analysis of Robert Frost's "The Road Not Taken".  It is a pretty powerful and simple poem, so my students loved it.  We tied the poem directly into a video featuring the Kid President by Soul Pancake.  You can see the video for yourself here.  The purpose of the video is to promote self-study in teens and to get them thinking about the good they can do in the world.  It is a great video to show to any age group.

Their final task was to write a paragraph or draw a picture showing how they can make the world more awesome.  I took their work and decorated my classroom door with it, and I think it turned out great.  There was some pretty insightful and meaningful contributions from my students.

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