Tuesday, August 14, 2012

And the Planning Continues

We've been back from our glorious honeymoon for a few days now, and I'm already back at planning for the upcoming school year.  I kind of have to, I suppose, since our year starts on September 2!  Yes..our school week in Kuwait runs from Sunday - Thursday.  A bit odd, but I kind of like it.

Prior to the start of the summer, when I had some downtime at the end of last school year, I began planning out bits and bobs for the upcoming year.  Some things will stay the same and others have changed multiple times, but I'm trying to get the details right.  Best practices, I guess.

My units have been planned and now I am busy planning those first few weeks.  My wife and I have another week and a half here in Canada and then we fly back to the desert.  Once there, we will have a week or so to get our new classrooms set up, meet some of the new staff (including a new Principal for me), and prepare ourselves mentally for the craziness that is September.

I'm detailing some of the procedures and routines I want to cement with my students at the moment, and then I will move onto other aspects of my new classroom.  For instance, I still need to fine-tune my levelling system.  I haven't been working on it for a little while (busy getting married and all), so I mostly just need a refresher for myself.  I'm also busy planning out how I want my room (of which I have no concept of size or shape) to function.

I'm excited for the school year to begin, but I know that I still have a lot of work to get done before I even greet my first student.  Speaking of which, I should get back at 'er.

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